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Kwan Wai Chan is a ceramic artist based in Hong Kong. Before turning her focus solely onto ceramics, Kwan Wai completed a BA degree in Fashion Knitwear at Central Saint Martins, London in 2014. The degree landed her a role as Fashion Designer at the Couture House - Christian Dior in Paris, shortly after she graduated. Kwan Wai started developing her personal practice with clay following her return from Europe in 2017 and has started her ceramic studio as a personal project to underline the complex she has towards her body while questioning conventional standards of beauty. Her work has been exhibited in Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul and Hong Kong.


Femininity and intimacy have been the main subjects of Kwan Wai’s work. Her first ceramic collection, "Femme", was an exploration in form and function, celebrating the female body and pushing forward the idea of flawed beauty and acceptance. Kwan Wai’s work is created to offer a moment of calm and clarity. Her ceramic encourages the act of slowing down and the appreciation of being present. She has recently released her fourth collection, “Dialogue", which was created to suggest fantasies and taboo subjects that cannot be expressed verbally.

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